Adrenal Fatigue Bringing You Down?

Adrenal Fatigue Bringing You Down?

The adrenals are small glands located just above the kidneys.  They are responsible for the production tons of hormones, close to 50.  Cortisol, is the most important hormone produced by the adrenals, regulates blood sugar, blood pressure and inflammation within the body.  The short story: your adrenal health is very important to your health.

Many experience was is known as adrenal fatigue or burn out syndrome.  Common symptoms of burnout syndrome are fatigue, craving, high stress, insomnia, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and food allergies.  A lot, right?  I told you the adrenals are important.  Many of us experience some of these symptoms from time to time.  It’s your body telling you to slow down.  When you work on awareness, the realization of these symptoms is a wake-up sign. 

Adrenal fatigue can be caused by many things; chronic stress, environmental toxins, poor diet and a fast-paced lifestyle are the big culprits.  Emotional trauma, chronic illness or infection can also trigger adrenal fatigue.  Today’s environment is very fast paced - full speed ahead.  Our adrenals were not meant to be under the constant stress that society puts upon us.  The stress throws those with adrenal fatigue into a constant fight or flight stage. 

The good news is that symptoms can be reduced or eliminated through supplementation, dietary changes and changes in lifestyle and thought structure.

Supplementation changes from person to person due to different deficiencies in everyone’s body but supplements like DHEA, Vitamin C, Himalayan salt, pantothenic acid and transdermal prednisolone are a few.  Please check in with your healthcare provider first before supplementing. 

An important dietary change is the elimination of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and processed foods.  These foods are known to cause inflammation which causes the adrenals to overwork to compensate.  This may be hard at first.  Eliminate certain foods one at a time and see how you feel.

Working on lifestyle changes is pivotal too.  Try to start living trust based, rather than fear based.  Ways we can do this are through the practice of meditation to quiet the mind.  Some find release in exercise too.  Create practices of slowing down, take a nap, read quietly, go to the park.  Any activity that is restful works yet so few of us take the time to do this.  Make sure to get enough sleep and avoid negativity at all costs.  Practice positive thinking and developing a positive mental attitude.

This may all seem like a lot but once you become aware that you are suffering from these symptoms the ball is then in your court.  You hold the knowledge and power of knowing your body is telling you it needs to slow down and changes are in order.  Find positivity in that.  Take the time to work on the steps outlined above and begin to monitor how you feel.


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