The Importance of Water

The Importance of Water

I have covered a lot of topics on this blog about health and wellness but so far I've neglected to spend quality time on water.  Water makes up to 60% of your body and is the most important life-giving substance.  The concentration of water in your brain is estimated to be as high as 85% while the liver, kidney, muscles, heart and intestines are 75% water.  

The body turns over 40,000 glasses of water per day.  Through this process about 6 glasses worth are lost.  If you add in exercise, movement, and sugar intake you can require up to 15 glasses per day.

Important, right?

Water is truly more important than food.  The body can go weeks and weeks without food but only about 3 days without water.

Despite the importance of water, most people are chronically dehydrated.  The quality of water is just as important.  While most would opt for bottled water, there is far less regulation on the water bottle industry, not to mention plastic contaminants.  While it may sound silly, not all bottled spring water is necessarily a clean water source.  Contaminants in the plastic contribute to pollutants in the water.  It is very important when buying water bottles to look for plastic that is BPA free. 

Many Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Instead of reaching for water, the beverages of choice are coffee, soda, sports drinks, juices and other liquids that further dehydrate you.  Symptoms of chronic dehydration are fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps and spasms, bad breath, bad skin and bad breath to name a few.  

While I'm not advocating that you give up your morning coffee, it would be very beneficial to have a glass of fresh clean water upon waking to start the body’s natural detox process before putting coffee in an empty stomach.  Although it may seem counter intuitive, it is beneficial to have a glass of water before going to sleep, too. 

As the weather begins to get hotter and hotter, reach for more glasses of clean water throughout the day. 


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