As a Dad, being a proper role model is developmentally paramount to your kids.

Being the only father in the Inspyr Socks office I wanted to take the reins on this week’s story.

I love being a father to my three awesome kids and husband to my wonderful wife. I feel blessed each day that we are healthy and somewhat normal :). I say that in jest but lets all be honest here, it’s not easy being a parent. No one said it would be easy and I accept that whole-heartedly but a little more of a heads up would have been great.

The scariest yet coolest part of being a dad is watching the growth of your children.  The little child yesterday is now a few years away from college or high school or even yet, middle school.  And by the way, how did you get bigger then your Dad?

Being a dad allows me full reins on shaping their minds for success. My kids can count on multiple moments from me about empowering themselves. My idea was to at least have my kids around these types of positive and empowering messages. It can only help and not hurt, right?

A large part of why I started Inspyr socks was to give the parents of the world a product that only focused on empowerment of ones self or a group of people.  Fathers and Mothers that I spoke with in our test stages were thanking us for what we were going to embark on at Inspyr. The overall response was that Inspyr’s market timing was impeccable and much appreciated.  My goal was and always will be, to help one another old and young to believe that they can do anything if they start to believe.

For the dads out there that work their butts off and do the right things day in day out and for the dads that understand being a proper role model is developmentally paramount to your kid’s health and your self worth, keep up the great work because it will pay off major dividends when the kids are older and we don’t have to worry if they're ok.

Happy Fathers day from one dad to all the other dads out there. It's is our day to get spoiled, eat well yet healthy, and maybe grab a gift or two.  Stay Inspyred and never give up.

John Cawley - Dad of three


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