Those socks became a good luck charm!

Those socks became a good luck charm!

Achieve Socks

Hello from Pittsburgh!  My name is Emily and I am a senior at North Allegheny Senior High School.  As an English assignment, we were asked to write a company and constructively criticize or praise the company.  I immediately thought of you and your company because of the amazing first impression you made on us.  When I say “us”, I mean my boat mates and myself, as I am a rower for my school.

After buying your neon yellow “Achieve” socks I fell in love.  Those socks became a good luck charm for my boat and started our neon yellow craze.  We followed them with neon yellow sports bras and neon yellow hats, giving our boat the nickname of “Highlighter heads” or the “neon girls”.  We became the ones to be envied at races because we had the warmest, softest, most comfortable socks out of the whole team.  Everyone wanted to know where we got them, even our competition wanted them.  We always replied with “Look for the most bubbly and friendliest people under the Inspyr Socks tent.”  I personally make sure to look for your team members or your tent at every regatta to buy one more pair.  After arriving in NJ for nationals I got word of your tent being put up and knew that I had to come meet you. 

I bought one more pair, the “Work Hard” socks.  You told me and my boat mates how you want to expand.  You asked about an idea for headbands that won’t slide.  It really felt like you took our conversation to heart.  I want to commend you on your interactions with all of your customers. 



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